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  • And... (Week 7)

    And... (Week 7)

    November 24: Unite AND Divide


    “Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good.” Paul knew that being devoted to God and his good will would be a lesson that many Christians would need to learn. This message, in light of the gospel, spurs us on to love God’s Word and to love the people God put into our lives.

  • And... (Week 6)

    And... (Week 6)

    November 17: Read AND Understand


    Some Christians talk all about grace and not much about works. Others focus on obedience after breezing past Jesus on the cross. Paul picks a middle ground. He focuses on the love of God in Christ, and explains how that shapes our lives as Christians.

  • And... (Week 5)

    And... (Week 5)

    November 10: God's Greatest Motivation


    How do we inspire people to change? How does change happen in our own lives? Paul knows there is something more powerful than guilt or demands to change our hearts and lives. That something is grace. Christians need high standards of behavior…and cannot forget the greatest motivation of all—the grace of God.

  • And... (Week 4)

    And... (Week 4)

    November 3: Our Good AND His Glory


    Paul clearly lays out various instructions for the Christian Church, which shape the way we treat one another in the family of God…and reflect on the name of God and the attractiveness of his Word to the outside world.

  • And... (Week 3)

    And... (Week 3)

    October 27: Faithful Christians Comfort And Rebuke


    Paul cared as much about doctrine as dieticians care about ingredients. What is contained in a person’s belief system will either help or harm. Therefore, Paul pushes us to read the ingredients on someone’s teaching…and rebuke those who deviate from God’s truth.

  • And... (Week 2)

    And... (Week 2)

    October 20: The "And" of Organized Religion


    Those who lead the church have a high and holy calling. They can bring many people to Jesus or damage those that God loves dearly. Therefore, Paul gives Titus (and us) high standards for their message…and their personal lifestyle.

  • And... (Week 1)

    And... (Week 1)

    October 13: The Power of "And"


    How does Paul open his letter to his dear friend, Titus? By talking about our hope, our peace, and the eternal life we have in Jesus…and GOD! Every verse of Paul’s introduction contains the name of God, a theme that runs through the entire book (and the entire Bible). In fact, only by focusing on GOD do we experience true hope, peace, and life.

  • Name Changer (Week 5)

    Name Changer
     (Week 5)

    August 5: Pray Boldly To Our Faithful God


    In the strangest scene of Jacob’s story, God appears and wrestles with him for hours. Despite God’s superior strength, “Jake the Snake” refuses to loosen his python grip until God blesses him. After decades of grabbing onto sin, Jacob finally grabs on to God. In the same way, we grip God in prayer, holding onto his promises until he blesses us.

  • Name Changer (Week 4)

    Name Changer
     (Week 4)

    July 29: Karma Kills. Grace Saves.


    While karma is not a Christian teaching, a form of karma does exist. The crazy cycle of sin spins every time we give each other what we deserve. Jacob and Laban’s disgusting story is proof. Greed and lies spin back and forth, destroying a family that supposedly was better than the pagan Canaanites. This message warns us of the same destructive cycle in our lives and points us to Jacob’s descendent who turned the other cheek on the cross, giving grace to sinners.

  • Name Changer (Week 2)

    Name Changer
     (Week 2)

    July 15: Jesus Is The Truth


    Sometimes sin is our own idea. And sometimes mom leads us into temptation. Rebekah, the “godly” wife of Isaac, is willing to deceive her own husband to steal a blessing for her favorite child. This story shows us that while parents are to be honored, they are not always to be imitated. We are invited to reflect on the spiritual climate of our homes and remember Jesus, who was willing to disobey the mother who tried to stop his Messianic ministry.

  • Name Changer (Week 1)

    Name Changer
     (Week 1)

    July 8: From Impulsive To Heir


    The first story of Jacob is a sad sign of things to come. Despite God’s promise to bless this younger brother, the “heel-grabber” Jacob uses his intelligence to hustle his older brother. What might seem small, however, starts a pattern of behavior that will ruin Jacob’s family and nearly destroy his life. This account warns us of the “small sins” that will become a pattern of something greater. Finally, it serves as a contrast with Jesus, the “older brother” who chose to give up his birthright of blessing to foolish sinners like us.

  • Rebel Yell (Week 3)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 3)

    October 29: By Scripture Alone


    Where do we find both grace and faith? In the Word! How do we come to know the true God? Through the Word! How can I be sure that I’m saved, loved, and accepted by God? Because of the Word!

  • Rebel Yell (Week 2)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 2)

    October 22: By Faith Alone


    How do we get to the amazing grace of God? Not by works, but through faith. This message helps define faith (simple trust) and ensure that faith is always a gift to rebels, not a choice of the spiritually so-so.

  • Rebel Yell (Week 1)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 1)

    October 15: By Grace Alone


    God loves us because…God loves us. Grace is the unconditional, undeserved love that surprises us (and offends human reason). This message helps us understand the depths of grace and comforts every sin-sick soul.

  • Act II (Week 1)

    Act II (Week 1)

    March 27:  Easter Sunday - Jesus Is Alive!  Notes / Podcast

    If you thought Jesus’ death was the end of the story, you thought wrong. His perfect life, innocent death, and burial in a rich man’s tomb was just the start of his mission to save us from our sins. But Sunday came and Jesus’ intermission ended. His resurrection ripped back the curtains and gave us joy, hope, peace, forgiveness, and life with God. Jesus’ resurrection shows us that there is an Act II!

    So, if you are living in a “Good Friday” world, thinking your story is over, your life will never change, and you’ll never be good enough for God, you thought wrong. Easter is your Act II, too!

  • MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    December 20:  More Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Balancing no-strings-attached love and unbending, biblical truth is no easy task. But that is exactly what Jesus did. Come and meet the One who refused to water down the expectations of love, yet poured out love to the very people who didn’t measure up to God’s expectations. Find más truth and grace in Christ!

  • Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 2)

    May 31:  Conquering Porn Together  Notes / Podcast

    Conquerors, Conquer!—As forgiven, cleansed, and holy children of God, our loving Father gives us wisdom to conquer our sinful habits.  Listen to the loving wisdom of your heavenly Father as he teaches you to conquer old habits and to help those you love conquer theirs.  

  • Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Conquerors Through Christ (Week 1)

    May 24:  Graphic Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Christ Conquers Porn!--Sexual sin tempts most Christians.  Swimsuit issues, racy sex scenes, pop-up ads, provocative Facebook posts, and a thousand other images are pushed at God’s people every day.  The result?  Many fall into temptation and even habitual sin.  We promise God we’ll change, but change doesn’t happen quickly.  That’s why sexual sinners need Jesus.  He not only was tempted in such ways, but he gave his life so that sexual sinners wouldn’t need to be ashamed in front of God, but to approach His throne with boldness and confidence.  

    Conquerors Through Christ (Series Summary)

    • May 24:  Graphic Grace
    • May 31:  Conquering Porn Together

    When it comes to sexual purity, many Jesus-loving, church-going people feel conquered.  Defeated.  Ashamed. Weak.  Struggles with pornography, lust, masturbation, and impurity are increasingly common among both men and women in the church.  So, what should sexual sinners do?  Run to Jesus! Jesus is the one who sought out sexual sinners, loved them, and gave his life to make them pure in the sight of God.  Jesus is also the one who taught churches to value honest confession and mutual encouragement.  This series is meant to help sexual sinners and equip those who love sexual sinners so that all might believe, “We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us!” (Romans 8:37)