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  • Name Changer (Week 5)

    Name Changer
     (Week 5)

    August 5: Loner To Limper


    In the strangest scene of Jacob’s story, God appears and wrestles with him for hours. Despite God’s superior strength, “Jake the Snake” refuses to loosen his python grip until God blesses him. After decades of grabbing onto sin, Jacob finally grabs on to God. In the same way, we grip God in prayer, holding onto his promises until he blesses us.

  • Name Changer (Week 4)

    Name Changer
     (Week 4)

    July 29: Karma To Cross-Eyed


    While karma is not a Christian teaching, a form of karma does exist. The crazy cycle of sin spins every time we give each other what we deserve. Jacob and Laban’s disgusting story is proof. Greed and lies spin back and forth, destroying a family that supposedly was better than the pagan Canaanites. This message warns us of the same destructive cycle in our lives and points us to Jacob’s descendent who turned the other cheek on the cross, giving grace to sinners.

  • Name Changer (Week 3)

    Name Changer
     (Week 3)

    July 22: Drama To Dreamer


    After his lies, deceit, and dishonor, Jacob flees for his life and finds…a forgiving God. Jacob’s dream not only inspired a classic song, but also teaches us a classic truth—there is a way for sinners to be with God. Jesus’ words prove that the same is true for “Jacobs” today. He is the true stairway to heaven!