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  • NextGen (Week 4)

    NextGen (Week 4)

    February 24: When Church Hurts


    This message might seem odd, but it is important. Many kids get disconnected from church because they or their parents get hurt by someone at church. The pastor. The church council. A fellow member. Without the right reaction, these sins/hurts can uproot entire families for generations to come, leaving kids to tell the story of that one pastor who said that one thing to one of his parents. This message is meant to prepare people for the next time church hurts. What do you do? What do you say? When do you go?

  • NextGen (Week 3)

    NextGen (Week 3)

    February 17: It Takes A Village To Raise A Church


    This message expands from week 2 to include all of us—pastors, teachers, church members, godparents, older siblings, friends, aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc. Share stories from the Scriptures and our experiences about people the Spirit brought to Jesus from the wider family of God. Give purpose to singles and non-parents who, like Paul himself, may not produce the next generation, but absolutely want to see them in heaven with Jesus.

  • NextGen (Week 2)

    NextGen (Week 2)

    February 10: Fathers Affect The Faith Of Future Generations


    Based on Proverbs 22/Deuteronomy 6/Ephesians 6/Colossians 3, this message reminds parents of what matters most - the training up of their children. What you do when they are young will probably (like the Proverbs) shape what they believe when they are older. So, what should you do? God gave Moses the answer. Seek God with a personal passion, based off his unbeatable promises, and then talk about that God as often as you can.

  • NextGen (Week 1)

    NextGen (Week 1)

    February 3: Reaching the Next Generation for Jesus


    Based on Matthew 18, this message is meant to show us Jesus’ heart for the next generation. In Matthew 18, Jesus warned against leading kids to sin or looking down on them. Even more importantly, he told a story about a desperate shepherd who was not willing that even a single lamb be lost. Application—While it’s easy to stereotype and look down on other generations (in both directions!), our Father has a massive heart for those that are unlike you. This is good news, because it means that he has a massive heart for you!