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  • A Time For Everything

    A Time For Everything

    January 8:  A Time For Everything  
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    When a new year begins, we immediately fill in our calendar “givens”. There are birthdays and anniversaries, perhaps a wedding date or graduation, and then there is that vacation we have already planned. Outside of those knowns, the reality is that most of our days and their events are unknown. So as a new year begins, perhaps it is wise to understand that in life there is a time for everything and consider how that changes how I view this year and live each day.

  • New Year's 2013

    New Year's 2013

    • November 29:  Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord…)
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    As we look forward to what 2014 will bring, we can take a look at the promises that Simeon saw fulfilled when Jesus Christ was born.  This incredible story is a life-saving message that we need to sure with people all over the world.  In the months ahead, search for opportunities to share the story of "the salvation which God has prepared for all people".