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  • Give, Save, Live (Week 3)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 3)

    November 19: God The Spirit Lives


    God is in the joy-giving business. He is not a money-hungry owner that denies his money managers any personal pleasure. Instead, God created a beautiful world and gave us money to enjoy it. Some imply you should feel guilty for any personal spending (as if owning a TV was a mortal sin when so many people in the world are starving). But if we have given first and saved second, we do not need to feel guilt in living off the rest, to enjoying the places God created, the food God grew, the technology God allowed us to develop. He gives these things for our pleasure! So, be generous first and enjoy the rest to his glory.

  • Give, Save, Live (Week 2)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 2)

    November 12: God The Son Saves


    The Proverbs picture a wise person as one who doesn’t squander every last dollar like a prodigal child. They leave an inheritance for their children’s children. Yet Americans have nothing left to save. The vast majority, despite the shocking wealth of our time, are living in debt. Why? Because we are trying to save ourselves from boredom (new toys), from being average (new clothes, bigger homes), from sadness (vacations and upgraded phones). Yet, the short-term pleasure doesn’t last long and we end up needing to be saved. But God saves. Jesus’ atoning work saves us from being separated from God. In his presence we find the secret of being content and are able to spend less and save more.

  • Give, Save, Live (Week 1)

    Give, Save, Live
     (Week 1)

    November 5: God The Father Gives


    God so loved the world that he gave. Those famous words are the heart of our salvation, but they also show us the heart of God. He is a giver. Do you believe that? Everything we have and own and enjoy is ours because our Father in heaven is a giver. Every good and perfect gift comes from him. He knows what we need and supplies daily bread. Worry and financial fear dissolve when we see God as the perfect combination of endless resources and endless love. Only then are our hearts equipped to imitate God and become a cheerful giver.

  • One Week To Live (Week 6)

    One Week To Live (Week 6)

    March 29:  Get Ready For Jesus' Return  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus taught about his second coming in surprising terms.  He will come back and judgment will happen when we least expect it.  So, keep watch!  Expect the unexpected! 


  • One Week To Live (Week 5)

    One Week To Live (Week 5)

    March 22:  God's Grace Creates Big Givers  Notes / Podcast

    The story of the widow’s mite reminds us that God counts offerings a bit different than we do in the age of recognizing “gold level donors”.  God sees the heart and the percentage of the gift, not the amount.  A must-know text for American Christians, too! 


  • One Week To Live (Week 4)

    One Week To Live (Week 4)

    March 15:  Believe In (The Real) Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    The Pharisees followed hundreds of OT commandments and hundreds more of their own making.  Which mattered the most?  Jesus’ answer, which boils down all of God’s law to two commands, is a perfect guide for our Christian life.  As 1 Cor. 13 points out, we can do many things and accomplish many feat, but without love, it’s nothing. 


  • One Week To Live (Week 3)

    One Week To Live (Week 3)

    March 8:  A Glimpse Of Heaven  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus’ shocking words to the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead and marriage bother many of us (I won’t be married in heaven?!?).  But, upon further reflection, they are some of the most beautiful words in the NT.  In eternity, we have the joy the angels have, a joy that far supersedes anything even our best earthly relationships gave us. 


  • One Week To Live (Week 2)

    One Week To Live (Week 2)

    March 1:  God & Government  Notes / Podcast

    The political scene was a hot-button issue in 1st century religion, dividing the Herodians and the Zealots and the other religious groups.  Jesus’ brilliant answer reminds us to give the government what it deserves (taxes, honor, obedience, etc.) but reserve our hope, our joy, and our devotion for God alone.  


  • One Week To Live (Series Summary & Week 1)

    One Week To Live (Week 1)

    February 22:  Jesus Loves The Church  Notes / Podcast

    We don’t often picture “meek and mild” Jesus flipping over tables and starting a riot…but he did!  Apparently, Jesus feels very strongly about people using the church for human gain instead of glorifying God and loving people.  The takeaway?  Let’s make sure our church is a house of prayer and not a place for our gain, our glory, etc.  

    One Week To Live (Series Summary)

    • February 22:  Jesus Loves The Church
    • March 1:  God & Government
    • March 8:  A Glimpse Of Heaven
    • March 15:  Believe In The (Real) Jesus
    • March 22:  God's Grace Creates Big Givers
    • March 29:  Get Ready For Jesus' Return

    The Gospels devote tons of time to the last week of Jesus’ life.  He knew he had so little time, so what did he do?  What did he teach?  What was so important that he had to share it before he gave his life on Friday afternoon?  This series teaches Holy Week from selections of Mark 11-14.