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  • One Week To Live (Week 6)

    One Week To Live (Week 6)

    March 29:  Get Ready For Jesus' Return  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus taught about his second coming in surprising terms.  He will come back and judgment will happen when we least expect it.  So, keep watch!  Expect the unexpected! 


  • One Week To Live (Week 5)

    One Week To Live (Week 5)

    March 22:  God's Grace Creates Big Givers  Notes / Podcast

    The story of the widow’s mite reminds us that God counts offerings a bit different than we do in the age of recognizing “gold level donors”.  God sees the heart and the percentage of the gift, not the amount.  A must-know text for American Christians, too! 


  • One Week To Live (Week 4)

    One Week To Live (Week 4)

    March 15:  Believe In (The Real) Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    The Pharisees followed hundreds of OT commandments and hundreds more of their own making.  Which mattered the most?  Jesus’ answer, which boils down all of God’s law to two commands, is a perfect guide for our Christian life.  As 1 Cor. 13 points out, we can do many things and accomplish many feat, but without love, it’s nothing. 


  • One Week To Live (Week 3)

    One Week To Live (Week 3)

    March 8:  A Glimpse Of Heaven  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus’ shocking words to the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead and marriage bother many of us (I won’t be married in heaven?!?).  But, upon further reflection, they are some of the most beautiful words in the NT.  In eternity, we have the joy the angels have, a joy that far supersedes anything even our best earthly relationships gave us.