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  • And... (Week 4)

    And... (Week 4)

    November 3: Free From All AND Slaves Of Everyone


    Paul clearly lays out various instructions for the Christian Church, which shape the way we treat one another in the family of God…and reflect on the name of God and the attractiveness of his Word to the outside world.

  • And... (Week 3)

    And... (Week 3)

    October 27: Encourage And Rebuke


    Paul cared as much about doctrine as dieticians care about ingredients. What is contained in a person’s belief system will either help or harm. Therefore, Paul pushes us to read the ingredients on someone’s teaching…and rebuke those who deviate from God’s truth.

  • And... (Week 2)

    And... (Week 2)

    October 20: Great Responsibility


    Those who lead the church have a high and holy calling. They can bring many people to Jesus or damage those that God loves dearly. Therefore, Paul gives Titus (and us) high standards for their message…and their personal lifestyle.