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  • Overflow (Week 1)

    Overflow (Week 1)

    January 31:  Overflow With Thankfulness  Notes / Podcast

    Less than 3 years ago as a church we looked back and looked ahead and dreamed about what could be. The overflow of people’s times, talents, and treasures exceeded more than we ever imagined. When you stop and consider it, how can you not overflow with thankfulness. In that overflow of thanks, the time has come for us to both reflect on what God has done and look ahead to see what God can do when we give ourselves to him and commit ourselves as a church to his mission.

  • MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    MÁS Christ (Week 4)

    December 20:  More Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Balancing no-strings-attached love and unbending, biblical truth is no easy task. But that is exactly what Jesus did. Come and meet the One who refused to water down the expectations of love, yet poured out love to the very people who didn’t measure up to God’s expectations. Find más truth and grace in Christ!