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  • Overflow (Week 3)

    Overflow (Week 3)

    February 14:  Grace  Notes / Podcast

    Have you ever thought about how rich God is? “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”, the psalmist declares! Yet here is the crazy thing, God says we are the ones who are “rich” because our cup overflows with grace! This fact turns everything upside down when it comes to how we view our time, talents, and treasures this side of heaven because we have treasures stored up for us in heaven that “will never perish, spoil, or fade.”

  • Overflow (Week 2)

    Overflow (Week 2)

    February 7:  Generosity  Notes / Podcast

    God longs for us to excel in everything, but excelling in the grace of giving isn’t easy. Overflowing with generosity isn’t natural, selfishness is. So what’s the issue? Is is it the fear of running out or not having enough? Maybe the issue isn’t what we have as much as it is what has our heart. God doesn’t need our offerings, but he wants our heart. God wants our hearts to overflow in every facet of our life, especially in how we use and view our treasures. And as we do, he promises to overflow our lives with abundant blessings.

  • Overflow (Week 1)

    Overflow (Week 1)

    January 31:  Overflow With Thankfulness  Notes / Podcast

    Less than 3 years ago as a church we looked back and looked ahead and dreamed about what could be. The overflow of people’s times, talents, and treasures exceeded more than we ever imagined. When you stop and consider it, how can you not overflow with thankfulness. In that overflow of thanks, the time has come for us to both reflect on what God has done and look ahead to see what God can do when we give ourselves to him and commit ourselves as a church to his mission.