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  • Rebel Yell (Week 3)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 3)

    October 29: By Scripture Alone


    Where do we find both grace and faith? In the Word! How do we come to know the true God? Through the Word! How can I be sure that I’m saved, loved, and accepted by God? Because of the Word!

  • Rebel Yell (Week 2)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 2)

    October 22: By Faith Alone


    How do we get to the amazing grace of God? Not by works, but through faith. This message helps define faith (simple trust) and ensure that faith is always a gift to rebels, not a choice of the spiritually so-so.

  • Rebel Yell (Week 1)

    Rebel Yell
     (Week 1)

    October 15: By Grace Alone


    God loves us because…God loves us. Grace is the unconditional, undeserved love that surprises us (and offends human reason). This message helps us understand the depths of grace and comforts every sin-sick soul.