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  • Greater Things (Week 5)

    Greater Things (Week 5)

    October 6: Greater Going


    922 has not turned inward. Our leaders and members have not lost their focus for the unchurched, dechurched, and unbelieving members of our community. So many people have invested and invited and evangelized. But God, who loves every soul, wants greater things! Jesus’ mission for his followers was clear—Go and be my witnesses. While we may be excited about the ministry plans of our Greater Things campaign and a new downtown location, what matters so much more is the message of Jesus, the Savior who is coming back soon.

  • Greater Things (Week 4)

    Greater Things (Week 4)

    September 29: Greater Growth


    2019 was a great year for our Grow Root. We maxed out a plan to read through the Gospel of John. Pastor Bill launched the Lead Me Father Project and has met with x families. But God is after greater things! He wants every 922 member to love his Word enough to meditate on it every day. So, when life is busy and time is short, how do you convince yourself the Bible is a “get to” and not a burdensome “have to.” The author of the longest chapter in the Bible would like to answer that question as he gushes for 170+ verses about the beauty and power of the Word of God.

  • Greater Things (Week 3)

    Greater Things (Week 3)

    September 22: Greater Giving


    So many people give so much at 922. Given the number of dollars and volunteers need to make our ministry work, we are so blessed. God has done great things! But he wants to do something even greater—to make 922 as abnormal as the early Christian Church. The power of Jesus and the grace of God moved their hearts to give like few people had ever given before. That story reminds us of the impact the Church can make when “all the believers” give in response to Jesus’ love. As we kick off a ministry campaign, we are not just thinking of dollars and cents, but of resurrection power and saving grace.

  • Greater Things (Week 2)

    Greater Things (Week 2)

    September 15: Greater Groups


    Life Groups and Seasonal Groups are something that sets 922 apart. Other churches call us, looking for advice on how to create community and bring people together to carry out the “one anothers” of the Bible. Yet there are still greater things to come. One of the best ways that we want to leverage our “one another” groups is to understand the words and promises of God. The story of the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip is the perfect reminder of why doing life together is the best way to do life.

  • Greater Things (Week 1)

    Greater Things (Week 1)

    September 8: Greater Gatherings


    In the past decade, 922 has exploded in Sunday attendance. God has blessed us with great things—2 campuses, 6 services, and a humbling number of souls who regularly gather around the Word of Jesus. But God still desires greater things. There are still so many from our church family who rarely gather (mid-40% of our membership=weekly attendance; that number includes guests!). There are still so many temptations that keep us from church and so many distractions that keep us from worshiping once we get there. This message reminds us why we gather every week in Jesus’ name.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 5)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 5)

    October 7: Want Fruit? Get A Go Root!


    Sharing the good news about Jesus is an obvious way to produce joy in other people’s hearts. But Paul was convinced that it was a key to producing joy in our own hearts as well. He prayed for his friend Philemon to be active in sharing his faith in order to grasp all the good things we have through Jesus. The same is true today. A “go root” produces incredible fruit!

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 4)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 4)

    September 30: Want Fruit? Plant A Give Root!


    Everyone wants to “reap generously” and enjoy the blessings of God. But we often forget Paul’s classic line that only those who sow generously will reap a generous harvest. Paul was unashamed to say that being financially generous was a key to joy, blessing, and so much more. In the same way, many Christians have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive, that having a “give root” actually produces incredible fruit!

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 3)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 3)

    September 23: Want Fruit? Get a Grow Root!


    Fake news. Feuding religions. Personal interpretations. How does a person have any peace in a world where everything seems so uncertain? Peter’s answer was—Grow. Although he admitted the Bible was a hard book to read, he knew that it produced knowledge and grace to keep us secure in our faith until Jesus returns.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 2)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 2)

    September 16: Want Fruit? Get A Gather Root!


    You are not an accident. You are not a slave. That’s what God wanted his people to remember every single week of their lives. The Sabbath Day commandment proves that knowing God as your Creator and Savior was one of our Father’s highest priorities for our weekends. In the same way, we gather each week to celebrate those same timeless truths—God made us. God saved us. Those facts produce joy and peace deep in our hearts, “fruit” that feeds us throughout our week.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 1)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 1)

    September 9: Jesus Roots Produce The Spirit's Fruits


    Even pastors know sixty minutes on Sundays have their limits. Some fruit only comes through personal, vulnerable, doing-life-together community. The early church knew that, and their “group root” produced the fruit of love and generosity and kindness. When we are personally know and are personally known in a spiritual community, we find our spiritual and physical needs being met.

  • Roots (Week 5)

     (Week 5)

    October 8: Go: Want Fruit? Grow Roots!


    In an age where fewer and fewer people know even the basics of Christianity, the mission of the Church is urgent. No wonder Jesus spoke with urgency as he gave his followers their mission before his return to heaven. This message explores the outward-focused mission God has given to Christians today.

  • Roots (Week 4)

     (Week 4)

    October 1: Give: Want Fruit? Grow Roots!


    Jesus knew one of the most powerful ways to transform your life was to give. He also knew it would be one of the hardest. Yet when we give our time and money to others, trusting that God will provide all that we need, our hearts soon follow, finding joy in sharing God’s love.

  • Roots (Week 3)

     (Week 3)

    September 24: Grow: Want Fruit? Grow Roots!


    Sometimes the Word grows like a seed in our hearts, producing a crop of peace and love and joy. And sometimes it doesn’t. What gets in the way of spiritual growth? And how can God help us grow to become more mature in faith as the years go by? This message explores the value of bringing the Word of God home and protecting your “time with God” so that your faith grows.

  • Roots (Week 2)

     (Week 2)

    September 17: Group: Want Fruit? Grow Roots!


    “Two are better than one,” wise King Solomon wrote. He knew the power of two (or more) people grouped together for the purpose of spiritual transformation. Have you experienced that power? This message explores the value of have a Life Group, a small circle of Christians who love you, love God, and love to see spiritual growth in you.

  • Roots (Week 1)

     (Week 1)

    September 10: Gather: Want Fruit? Grow Roots!


    “Let us not give up meeting together,” the author of the Hebrews wrote. He knew the power of regularly gathering around the gospel to be taught, corrected, challenged, confronted, and forgiven in Jesus’ name. This message explores the value of gathering together every week (and the lures the Enemy uses to prevent God’s people from gathering).