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  • Sad Songs (Week 4)

    Sad Songs (Week 4)

    March 20:  God Shines In Our Darkness  Notes / Podcast / Video

    This Psalm is uncharacteristic in that it has a remarkably dark ending. Heman cries out to the Lord and prays to him, yet God hides his face from him. This man is surrounded by darkness and there is no light getting through. What is a prayer like this doing in the Bible? Rather be naive about the inevitable disappointment in life, we can learn that although darkness can last a long time, it is often the best place to learn about God’s grace. Ultimately, that Jesus descended into darkness so that we can look forward to living in the light.

  • Sad Songs (Week 3)

    Sad Songs (Week 3)

    March 13:  Fix Your Eyes On Eternity  Notes / Podcast / Video

    In the midst of his pain, an “afflicted man” remembered that God always remains the same.

  • Sad Songs (Week 2)

    Sad Songs (Week 2)

    March 6:  Sing A Sorry Song  Notes / Podcast / Video

    David learned God is pleased with a broken heart, one that is crushed by the reality of sin and its consequences. That’s the heart God cleaned and fills with his Holy Spirit.

  • Sad Songs (Week 1)

    Sad Songs (Week 1)

    February 28:  Sing a Sad Song of Confession  Notes / Podcast / Video

    David’s cover up killed his conscience. He learned the foolishness of hiding his sin and the blessedness of confession and community.