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  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 7c)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 7c)

    April 1: Easter Sunday


    Jesus rose from the dead? Say what? And that means we don’t have to fear sin or death? Say what? That sounds like great news! (Mark 16)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 7b)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 7b)

    March 30: Good Friday (St. Peter 2pm service)


    March 30: Good Friday (CORE 6:30pm service)


    My God! Why have you forsaken me? How is it possible that two people who share the same essence could be ripped apart on the cross? But Jesus was forsaken, treated as a sinner instead of the beloved Son of the Father. He died. Why? So that the curtain could tear in two and sinners could become sons, enjoying life in God’s presence. (Mark 15:33-39)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 7a)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 7a)

    March 29: Maundy Thursday


    Jesus, in his humanity, begged the Father for another way besides the cup of his wrath. Yet he submitted everything, even his own will, to honor his father and save his sleeping “friends.” Jesus’ love is perhaps never better seen than his willingness to stay awake and endure for those who did not. (Mark 14:32-42)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 6)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 6)

    March 21: 
    Jesus Will Never Abandon You 


    Who would have expected an apostle to betray the Son of God? No one would. Who would have thought the most devoted disciple of Jesus would disown his Lord three times? No one would. But the events of Thursday night remind us that we are not as strong as we think. Thankfully, Jesus knows and is willing to forgive those who are too confident of their own holiness. (Mark 14:17-31)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 5)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 5)

    March 14: 
    Stay Woke & Worship


    Keep watch! Jesus repeated the command to a snooze-loving culture. We assume there’s plenty of time until the Master returns, but he will arrive at an hour we do not expect. So, put to death your delayed repentance, your serious pursuit of God, and keep watch! (Mark 13:32-37)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 4)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 4)

    March 7: 
    The Most Important Commandment = LOVE


    What is the most important of the 600+ laws? Love! Love God and love one another. That is the most important commandment. In our hate-filled world, that kind of sacrificial love, given freely at Jesus’ cross, is what we so desperately need. (Mark 12:28-34)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 3)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 3)

    February 28: 
    Give To God What Is God's


    Jesus’ enemies tried to pull him into a political trap, relying on the sharp divisions of their day. He escaped, by reminding them of a third option. In our world, Jesus would refuse to engage in the political divisions, instead affirming and critiquing those on both sides of the aisle. He pushes us beyond simplistic solutions to complex cultural problems. In the process, he reminds us that only God can solve our greatest dilemmas. (Mark 12:13-17)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 2)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 2)

    February 21: 
    True Greatness Comes By Servitude


    Even the apostles wanted to be great. But Jesus forced them to die to the world’s definition of greatness and turned them to true greatness—service and sacrifice. Just like Jesus himself was about to demonstrate to make them great in the eyes of God. (Mark 11:35-45)

  • Jesus Say What?!? (Lent 2018 - Week 1)

    Jesus Say What?!?
     (Week 1)

    February 14: Ash Wednesday
    Jesus Gives The Unexpected


    Who would have thought that the Messiah would be tortured, spit on, and killed? But that’s exactly what Jesus predicted before his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. What expectations do you have as you go through life? What the culture has taught you about the Christian life? Or what God has promised? Expectations are everything, so expect a cross. And expect a crown! (Mark 10:32-34)

  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Maundy Thursday)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Maundy Thursday)

    April 2:  The Towel  

    (John 13:1-17) Who washes whose feet?! Who serves whom?! I’d connect this to Jesus’ willingness to serve his messed up, confused disciples the Lord’s Supper on Thursday and to serve them a heaping plate of grace on Friday.  

  • One Week To Live (Week 6)

    One Week To Live (Week 6)

    March 29:  Get Ready For Jesus' Return  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus taught about his second coming in surprising terms.  He will come back and judgment will happen when we least expect it.  So, keep watch!  Expect the unexpected! 


  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 6)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 6)

    March 25:  The Plea  Podcast

    (Luke 23:32-43) Jesus forgives the blood-thirsty, God-killing mob?! A hardened criminal softens in repentance?! Jesus accepts a last-minute confession?! The worst of the worst gets the best of the best?! I’d connect this to last minute confessions and God’s crazy willingness to forgive those who “don’t know what they’re doing”.  

  • One Week To Live (Week 5)

    One Week To Live (Week 5)

    March 22:  God's Grace Creates Big Givers  Notes / Podcast

    The story of the widow’s mite reminds us that God counts offerings a bit different than we do in the age of recognizing “gold level donors”.  God sees the heart and the percentage of the gift, not the amount.  A must-know text for American Christians, too! 


  • One Week To Live (Week 4)

    One Week To Live (Week 4)

    March 15:  Believe In (The Real) Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    The Pharisees followed hundreds of OT commandments and hundreds more of their own making.  Which mattered the most?  Jesus’ answer, which boils down all of God’s law to two commands, is a perfect guide for our Christian life.  As 1 Cor. 13 points out, we can do many things and accomplish many feat, but without love, it’s nothing. 


  • One Week To Live (Week 3)

    One Week To Live (Week 3)

    March 8:  A Glimpse Of Heaven  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus’ shocking words to the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead and marriage bother many of us (I won’t be married in heaven?!?).  But, upon further reflection, they are some of the most beautiful words in the NT.  In eternity, we have the joy the angels have, a joy that far supersedes anything even our best earthly relationships gave us. 


  • One Week To Live (Week 2)

    One Week To Live (Week 2)

    March 1:  God & Government  Notes / Podcast

    The political scene was a hot-button issue in 1st century religion, dividing the Herodians and the Zealots and the other religious groups.  Jesus’ brilliant answer reminds us to give the government what it deserves (taxes, honor, obedience, etc.) but reserve our hope, our joy, and our devotion for God alone.  


  • One Week To Live (Series Summary & Week 1)

    One Week To Live (Week 1)

    February 22:  Jesus Loves The Church  Notes / Podcast

    We don’t often picture “meek and mild” Jesus flipping over tables and starting a riot…but he did!  Apparently, Jesus feels very strongly about people using the church for human gain instead of glorifying God and loving people.  The takeaway?  Let’s make sure our church is a house of prayer and not a place for our gain, our glory, etc.  

    One Week To Live (Series Summary)

    • February 22:  Jesus Loves The Church
    • March 1:  God & Government
    • March 8:  A Glimpse Of Heaven
    • March 15:  Believe In The (Real) Jesus
    • March 22:  God's Grace Creates Big Givers
    • March 29:  Get Ready For Jesus' Return

    The Gospels devote tons of time to the last week of Jesus’ life.  He knew he had so little time, so what did he do?  What did he teach?  What was so important that he had to share it before he gave his life on Friday afternoon?  This series teaches Holy Week from selections of Mark 11-14.