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  • Teach Me (Lent 2020 Week 3)

    Teach Me, Lord (Lent 2020 Week 3)

    March 11: Teach Me To Love


    Our life of faith can feel complicated, an endless list of countless do’s and don’ts from God. Jesus, however, taught his disciples a simple way of faith—Love God and love your neighbor. That’s what the entire Law is about.

  • Teach Me (Lent 2020 Week 2)

    Teach Me, Lord (Lent 2020 Week 2)

    March 4: Teach Me To Respond


    Although many are invited to the feast of the Lamb, few actually attend. Many refuse to come, paying more attention to the busyness of life than the blessings of God. This is why Jesus taught his disciples the cost of refusing God’s invitation and the blessing of being chosen by grace.

  • Teach Me (Lent 2020 Week 1)

    Teach Me, Lord (Lent 2020 Week 1)

    February 26: Teach Me To Believe


    Faith can move mountains. Faith is the spiritual force behind powerful prayers. This is why Jesus taught his disciples, unlike the Pharisees, to have radical faith in God.