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  • Scars (Week 4)

    Scars (Week 4)

    November 6:  Righteous Scars  
    Notes / Podcast

    Here we turn now to a very specific type of scar, the type that Scripture actually describes as badges of our faith and delights in our life. This seems ridiculous at the outset, but Scripture speaks clearly on how this suffering that only Christians go through because they are Christians ought to be considered wonderful acts of God’s mercy through which he draws us closer to him.

  • Scars (Week 3)

    Scars (Week 3)

    October 30:  Self-Inflicted/Secret Scars  
    Notes / Podcast

    One of the hardest things to do is leave a scar alone and not pick at the scab and re-open the wound. Sadly, when it comes to some of the scars we have they are because of our own sin. Many of them are secret scars because only we know about them…addictions and hang-ups, bitterness and anger. Sadly those scars remain because we run back to those secret sins and reopen them. In order to deal with these scars we must first deal with our heart.

  • Scars (Week 2)

    Scars (Week 2)

    October 16:  Emotional Scars  
    Notes / Podcast

    We move now from natural evil (scars that we get in life that seem to just be the product of a sinful world) to moral evils (evils that are done to us). We have all been the targets of the sins of others, and we carry permanent damage and emotional baggage from those encounters. But they’re only permanent in this life, not the next. This will be a painful subject, but we ought to be reminded that some scars are signs that something went wrong. When bad people do bad things, what does God want us to know about how to address the scars.