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  • Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God. (Week 3)

    Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God.
    (Week 3)

    (A Study on the Book of Romans)

    June 18: Righteous


    How does a person get right with God? By doing right? By not doing wrong? Romans 3 answers those questions in one of the most famous sections in the entire Bible.

  • Scars (Week 4)

    Scars (Week 4)

    November 6:  Righteous Scars  
    Notes / Podcast

    Here we turn now to a very specific type of scar, the type that Scripture actually describes as badges of our faith and delights in our life. This seems ridiculous at the outset, but Scripture speaks clearly on how this suffering that only Christians go through because they are Christians ought to be considered wonderful acts of God’s mercy through which he draws us closer to him.