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  • Seasons (Week 3)

    Seasons (Week 3)

    September 4:  Be Still  
    Notes / Podcast

    We all know how the phrase “When the going gets tough” ends, and we also know how it sadly has ended for us. All too often when challenges arise, we cower, self-medicate, or simply try and run and hide. God has a better solution run to the one who is tougher than anything you will face and simply “be still.” (Psalm 46)

  • Seasons (Week 2)

    Seasons (Week 2)

    August 28:  Word Up  
    Notes / Podcast

    We know we will face challenges in life…but we often times don’t see them coming. So often they come up out of the blue and completely blind-side us. In order to be ready for when our next life challenge arises no matter what the season, we need to Word Up! (Psalm 119:105-112)

  • Seasons (Week 1)

    Seasons (Week 1)

    August 21:  God Is My Co-Pilot  
    Notes / Podcast

    What challenge are you facing? Or as King David might ask…what “valley are you walking” through? Psalm 23 is perhaps the most famous Psalm of all time because we often turn to it in our challenging seasons because it is reminds us that we are not in “the valley” alone.