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  • Sexpectations (Week 4)

     (Week 4)

    November 4: Sex Is Unnecessary


    To many in the modern age, a 30-year-old virgin is a fascinating species. Is he dying inside? Is he repressed and frustrated? Ask Jesus. He was fully man in every way, a sexual being, yet fully content to be sexless. Jesus proves that sex is not required for a satisfying life, which is thrilling news for singles, divorcees, widows, and couples struggling with their sex life. Having a joyful connection to God makes sex a good, but unnecessary, gift from God. Need more proof? You’ll spend eternity without sex…and be happier than you’ve ever been!

  • Sexpectations (Week 3)

     (Week 3)

    October 28: Sex Is Fiery


    Like fire, sex must be treated with a healthy fear. Mess around with one flame and you might get hurt. Mess around with one night and you might get hurt worse. This message explores the Bible’s loving warnings about sex, showing God's loving and fatherly heart when he restricts sexual pleasure to the commitment of marriage.

  • Sexpectations (Week 2)

     (Week 2)

    October 21: Sex Is Work


    Too many people expect sex to be easy, just like it is in the movies. But that expectation leads to pressure, frustration, and disillusionment with others. God, on the other hand, expects sex to be the result of a process of love and respect. Paul’s classic words to husbands are wives aren’t mainly about sex, but they are the key to true intimacy. Love like Christ. Respect like the Church. That’s where love grows. “One flesh” love included.

  • Sexpectations (Week 1)

     (Week 1)

    October 14: Sex Is Good


    Sex was not patented by the Devil. Rather it was invented by God himself! In the beginning, when everything was very good, there was sex. God’s idea. God’s invention. God’s gift to husband and wife. In a world where too many of us have been victims of sexual sin or victims of an anti-sex church culture, we need the reminder that sex, by God’s design, is still very good.