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  • Shalom (Week 3)

    Shalom (Week 3)

    January 29:  I (Heart) God  
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    In the Bible, the heart is the source of everything that we do. We think with the heart, feel with the heart, decide with the heart, and love with the heart. Often, however, Christians pick and choose from the heart’s purposes, which leads to a dry, intellectual, dead form of Christianity or to an emotional, unstable, foundation-less version of the faith. In this message, God wants to protect us from the dangers of going through the motions and/or just relying on emotions. Instead, he wants to move our hearts with his message.

  • Shalom (Week 2)

    Shalom (Week 2)

    January 22:  Think God's Thoughts  
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    10 Tips To Sanctuary Success 

    “Though it costs all you have, get knowledge,” the proverb urges. It’s worth more than silver or gold. This year has potential to see a great increase in our knowledge about God. But it won’t be easy. The pursuit of frivolous things tempts to make us too busy to stop and think and learn. This message is about the importance of knowing God through his Word and cultivating a strong spiritual habit in 2017.

  • Shalom (Week 1)

    Shalom (Week 1)

    January 15:  Honor God With Your Body  
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    “Call upon me in the day of trouble.” If you didn’t know the words, you might assume that was the latest marketing pitch for chocolate chip ice cream or a bottle of Moscato. Food has a subtle way of trying to replacing God in our lives. The obesity epidemic in America is not primarily an issue of weight, but of worship. This sermon explores the spiritual dynamic of food and puts God back in his rightful place, on the throne of our heart in our (hopefully) healthier temple.