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  • Some Assembly Required (Week 5)

    Some Assembly Required
     (Week 5)

    February 4: Glued By Love


    Paul’s famous words about love come not in the context of a wedding celebration, but in the context of a church family who did not appreciate their God-given differences. This message pushes God’s diverse people towards humility, appreciation, and love, the glue that holds the Body of Christ together.

  • Some Assembly Required (Week 4)

    Some Assembly Required
     (Week 4)

    January 28: Needy You


    Some parts of the body are obviously important. Eyes and ears and arms and legs get lots of attention while other parts are ignored for years. But Paul saves the Church from arrogance and division by reminding those with obvious gifts of how much they need the less noticeable parts. Small parts of the brain help control those arms. Unseen mechanisms allow those beautiful eyes to see. This sermon is meant to raise awareness and appreciation as well as save our church from spiritual pride.

  • Some Assembly Required (Week 3)

    Some Assembly Required
     (Week 3)

    January 21: You Belong


    Feeling “less than” is one of the Devil’s best tricks. We notice what we’re not, what we can’t do, what’s uncomfortable, what’s out of our skill set. But Paul saves us from envy and discouragement by reminding us all that God didn’t design every part of the body to do everything. By his design you can’t do that. Let go of the guilt. Give up the competition. Embrace your importance in his grand design.

  • Some Assembly Required (Week 2)

    Some Assembly Required
     (Week 2)

    January 14: United Yet Unique


    Scripture and experience teach us that people are different. Like different parts of the body, God intentionally decided to make you different from everyone else. That truth has the potential to make us better and stronger…or, if we ignore it, to make us frustrated at everyone who is not our mirror image.

  • Some Assembly Required (Week 1)

    Some Assembly Required
     (Week 1)

    January 7: Unique But United


    As Paul begins his discussion of the “body of Christ,” he reminds us of the big picture. Baptism. Spirit. Spiritual thirst quenched by the gospel. What the Church has in common is exponentially bigger than our differences. He does the same in Ephesians 4, repeating the unity we have in Jesus—one Lord, one faith, one hope, on God. Therefore, before we talk about our uniqueness, we celebrate our unity in Jesus, no matter what our diverse wiring, quirks, or personality.

  • United We Stand (Week 4)

    United We Stand (Week 4)

    May 29:  God Give Us A Unity Opportunity  Notes / Podcast / Video

    When Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he told them to make unity their priority. Like Jesus’ words about reconciliation in Mt. 5, Paul told us to make every effort to preserve our unity in both doctrine and love.

  • United We Stand (Week 3)

    United We Stand (Week 3)

    May 22:  Divided We Fall  Notes / Podcast / Video

    Paul’s letter to the Romans shows us the beautiful joys of true fellowship and the sad results of divisions in the church. Chapter 16 is perfect proof of what fellowship wants and what it must not stand.

  • United We Stand (Week 2)

    United We Stand (Week 2)

    May 15:  We Love Every Word of the Word of God  Notes / Podcast / Video

    While week 1 is beautifully true, God also cares about doctrines which aren’t essential to salvation. Baptism and communion matter to him. This sermon is meant to celebrate the incredible unity we have found in all the teachings of the Word and help people see the beauty of our churches, which unite around the Word of God. Mt. 28’s “teaching them to obey everything I’ve commanded you.”

  • United We Stand (Week 1)

    United We Stand (Week 1)

    May 8:  We Believe In The Holy Christian Church  Notes / Podcast / Video

    When John peeked into heaven, he saw a multitude that no one could count. According to my WELS statistical yearbook, we are able to count our fellow WELSers! That must mean that the Spirit is at work in other churches, which preach the gospel. This sermon is meant to help us appreciate other Christian churches and denominations and be thankful that they exist, preaching Christ crucified.