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Current Series

God Goals

January 5, 12, 19, 26

At the start of every year, we often think about our goals. Our health goals, financial goals, friendship goals, and relationship goals. But what are God’s goals? What does God want for your life or for your upcoming year? This series explores the will of God and how it relates to the next year of our lives.

January 5 - God Wants You (Identity)

God’s greatest goal for your year is not for you to be more patient, more generous, or more loving. The #1 thing on God’s list is much, much more important than anything you could ever do. His primary goal is for you to remember who you are. At the start of a new year, have you figured out your identity in Jesus?

January 12 - God Wants Love (Purpose)

What does God want you to do with your life? Where does God want you to live? Or work? Or go to college? These common questions go unanswered in the Bible. Instead, God gives an overarching command to his people, no matter where they live, study, or work. Do you know what it is?

January 19 - God Wants Work (Vocation)

The easiest part about God’s goals is setting them. The hardest part is actually achieving them. Where can you find the motivation and power to pursue God’s goals after the rush of the resolution has worn off? The Apostle Paul knows, and he cannot wait to tell you.

January 26 - God Wants Rest (Balance)

What if one of God’s goals was for you to do less? What if God was nudging you to say “no” to more people more often? What if a key to achieving more for his glory was resting in what Jesus has already achieved for you?