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Current Series

Less Me

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
April 5

Pride is the sin behind every sin, the plague that infects the human heart and messes with mankind. The more we focus on ourselves, the less content we tend to be. Which is what makes Jesus so breathtaking. Throughout his life, he was humble. In the way he spoke. In the people he engaged with. In the time that he spent. In the life that he gave. This series marvels at the humility of our Savior and encourages us to “have the same attitude as Jesus Christ.”

March 1 - Jesus' Humble Home

The Son of God wasn’t born in a palace. The Prince of Peace did not grow up next to a throne. The King of Kings spent his life in dusty streets and common villages. Why would Jesus choose such a humble home?

March 8 - Jesus' Humble Crew

Jesus didn’t select scholars to be his closest friends. He didn’t seek out Israel’s smartest or most talented. Instead our Savior chose fishermen and commoners. Why would Jesus choose such humble friends?

March 15 - Jesus' Humble Work

Jesus didn’t rule from a kingly throne. Nor did he study in a scholar’s office. Instead our Savior got dirty amongst the sick, sinful, and needy. Why would Jesus choose such humble work?

March 22 - Jesus' Humble Word

Jesus didn’t promise health and wealth. He never guaranteed a good earthly life. Instead he exalted the meek, the poor, and the persecuted. Why would Jesus preach such a humbling word?

March 29 - Jesus' Humble Life

Jesus could have chosen comfort. He could have pursued pleasure. Instead he chose the nails, the thorns, the cross. Why would Jesus chose such a humble life?

April 5 - Jesus' Humble Ride

Jesus could have paraded into Jerusalem. He could have ridden a white horse and forced trumpeters to announce his coming. Instead he chose a donkey and the chorus of little children. Why would Jesus chose such a humble arrival?