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October 13, 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17, 24

Christians are often pulled in two directions—towards grace/mercy/compassion/acceptance or towards truth/Scripture/doctrine. Which matters more to God? Feeding the poor or teaching about baptism? Ending injustice and sex trafficking or refuting false doctrine? This series, a study of Paul’s letter to a 1st century pastor, proves that God’s answer is “And!”

October 13 - You...and GOD

How does Paul open his letter to his dear friend, Titus? By talking about our hope, our peace, and the eternal life we have in Jesus…and GOD! Every verse of Paul’s introduction contains the name of God, a theme that runs through the entire book (and the entire Bible). In fact, only by focusing on GOD do we experience true hope, peace, and life.

October 20 - Pastors need a holy message...and holy character

Those who lead the church have a high and holy calling. They can bring many people to Jesus or damage those that God loves dearly. Therefore, Paul gives Titus (and us) high standards for their message…and their personal lifestyle.

October 27 - Pastors encourage...and rebuke

Paul cared as much about doctrine as dieticians care about ingredients. What is contained in a person’s belief system will either help or harm. Therefore, Paul pushes us to read the ingredients on someone’s teaching…and rebuke those who deviate from God’s truth.

November 3 - Our choices affect us...and God

Paul clearly lays out various instructions for the Christian Church, which shape the way we treat one another in the family of God…and reflect on the name of God and the attractiveness of his Word to the outside world.

November 10 - Live a godly life...and remember how change happens

How do we inspire people to change? How does change happen in our own lives? Paul knows there is something more powerful than guilt or demands to change our hearts and lives. That something is grace. Christians need high standards of behavior…and cannot forget the greatest motivation of all—the grace of God.

November 17 - We are saved from sin...and for good works

Some Christians talk all about grace and not much about works. Others focus on obedience after breezing past Jesus on the cross. Paul picks a middle ground. He focuses on the love of God in Christ, and explains how that shapes our lives as Christians.

November 24 - We love God's Word...and the people God made

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good.” Paul knew that being devoted to God and his good will would be a lesson that many Christians would need to learn. This message, in light of the gospel, spurs us on to love God’s Word and to love the people God put into our lives.