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Skeptical Faith/span>

June 9, 16, 23, 30

August 4

In the swirl of ideas, beliefs, and questions of the internet age, Christians are often challenged for their faith, on campus and beyond. This series uses a crash course on apologetics to equip Christians to hold on to and share their faith with the skeptics in their lives, including the one in their own heart.

July 7 - "Holy" Bible

What makes the Bible believable? How do we know it is unique among all the beliefs, books, and religions of the world? Dr. Luke, a 1st century physician and author, has powerful answers. His introduction to the Gospel of Luke reminds us that Christianity is based not on blind faith but on historical facts.

July 14 - Are People Inherently Good?

Dr. D.A. Carson, a prolific Christian author and frequent college campus speaker, has said that the biggest pushback to his presentations is a belief in sin itself. More than ever, people believe they are inherently good and only the environment around them is bad. What people need is therapy and coping mechanisms but repentance and trust in God’s salvation. What would Jesus say to this heart-affirming objection? His words in Matthew 12 give a clear answer, one that drives us back to the gospel for our hope.

July 21 - But Christians Are Hypocrites!

According to a survey published in unChristian, one of the most common objections to Christianity is the hypocrisy of Christians who don’t practice what they preach. Why follow Jesus if so many of his followers are self-righteous pretenders? Given the public scandals of so many church leaders, why wouldn’t we all throw organized religion on the trash pile and become independently spiritual? Jesus himself answers such questions in one of his hardest sermons.

July 28 - Heaven & Hell

Few things are more disturbing to modern skeptics than the idea of eternal torture for a sincere Buddhist or a run-of-the-mill sinner. How can a Christian scoundrel be saved while an upright atheist is condemned? What would God say in the face of such questions? Isaiah gives us God’s answer, stressing what is truly evil in God’s eyes and how anyone can find forgiveness in his sight.

August 4 - Science & Religion

The dichotomy of science/reason/logic/proof and faith/religion/belief/God is too much for many to overcome. How can people of faith share the Word with those who oppose faith altogether? Paul gives us two compelling answers in Romans 1-2.