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Current Series

Race & Religion

August 11, 18, 25

September 1

Despite all the strides of the Civil Rights movement, “Christian” America is shockingly far from the biblical ideal. Sunday morning continues to be one of the most segregated hours of the week and many devoutly religious people hold skewed views of God’s more colored children. This series dives into passages that deal with God’s view of race, color, and how his diverse family fits together.

August 11 - Jesus' Family Tree

The series begins by examining the roots and race of Jesus himself. In Matthew’s genealogy, we meet a Jesus who is more colorful and cultured than what most of the pictures have taught us. In light of Jesus’ color, how could God’s people not love a more colorful church?

August 18 - Racist & Religious

From Jonah to Peter to the reaction of Jesus’ neighbors from Nazareth, God’s people have struggled with the “other,” even if the other is a brother or sister in God’s family. This message helps us see that race is as much of a perennial problem as jealousy, pride, or greed, which God deals with through confrontation, repentance, and faith.

August 25 - What Almost Killed Jesus

Early in his ministry, Jesus’ hometown neighbors tried to murder him. Not because he claimed to be God. Not because he broke the laws of the Sabbath. But because he claimed that God might actually love other cultures. His bold sermon and the visceral reaction remind us that followers of Jesus are called to boldly proclaim God’s love for all races, no matter what it costs them.

September 1 - I Had A Dream

The Bible ends with revealed God’s plan for our diverse world, namely, to gather a massive church from every tribe, nation, race, and people.