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Current Series

What Did You Expect?

November 11, 18, 25

Expectations are everything. And we are always expecting something. We expect God to treat us in a certain way. We expect life to turn out according to our plans. We expect good things to happen when we make good choices. But faulty expectations lead us to question God, even deny him altogether. This series gives us God’s expectations for our lives, freeing us from the lies that would lead us away from God’s love.

November 11 - Expect Pain (to have a purpose)

Few things pull people away from God like suffering. Cancer. Tragedy. War. Poverty. But what did you expect? The prophets, the apostles, and Jesus himself promised that we would have trouble in this world. Yet we take heart in the plans and purposes God has for his suffering kids. Peter explores God’s hand in the midst of pain and encourages us to entrust our broken hearts to God.

November 18 - Expect Delayed Rewards

Read the Proverbs and you might expect good things to happen to good people and bad things to happen to bad people. But the Psalms remind us that sometimes the opposite occurs. That’s when we need to know what to expect. An ancient poet named Asaph almost lost his faith in God until he expected God to judge with justice. That put his heart at ease and made God worthy of praise.

November 25 - Expect Eternity To Be Amazing

Time puts everything in perspective. In the moment, 24 hours of labor seems unbearable. But compared to decades with a daughter, it is nothing. In the same way, God promises eternal decades of joy, dancing, happiness, and worship for his people. John’s glimpse into heaven gives us a giddy expectation of our eternity. Forget harps and clouds. Get ready for the celebration to begin!