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  • Race & Religion (Week 2)

    Race & Religion (Week 2)

    August 18: Racist & Religious


    From Jonah to Peter to the reaction of Jesus’ neighbors from Nazareth, God’s people have struggled with the “other,” even if the other is a brother or sister in God’s family. This message helps us see that race is as much of a perennial problem as jealousy, pride, or greed, which God deals with through confrontation, repentance, and faith.

  • Race & Religion (Week 1)

    Race & Religion (Week 1)

    August 11: Jesus' Family Tree


    The series begins by examining the roots and race of Jesus himself. In Matthew’s genealogy, we meet a Jesus who is more colorful and cultured than what most of the pictures have taught us. In light of Jesus’ color, how could God’s people not love a more colorful church?

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 5)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 5)

    August 4: God & Science


    The dichotomy of science/reason/logic/proof and faith/religion/belief/God is too much for many to overcome. How can people of faith share the Word with those who oppose faith altogether? Paul gives us two compelling answers in Romans 1-2.

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