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  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (1st Sunday After Easter)

    WDJD? (1st Sunday After Easter)

    April 23:  Jesus Teaches!  
    Notes / Podcast

    Expectations.  We all have them.  Sometimes when our expectations are not met we can become discouraged and frustrated.  That was true for two of Jesus' disciples on Easter Sunday afternoon.  They lamented, "We had hoped that he would be the one who would redeem Israel."  Their expectations of what Jesus would do were misguided.  The reality was, Jesus not only met their expectations but exceeded them.  They eventually understood who Jesus really was and what he had accomplished for them.  Please join us as we savor the Easter news, and how it influences our expectations.

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (Lent Week 7c)

    Lent: WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?)
    (Holy Week - Easter Sunday)

    April 16:  Jesus Rose To Rescue  
    Notes/ Podcast

    Jesus’ body laid dead in a tomb. Hope was lost. Joy was gone. So, what did Jesus do? He rose to rescue us from hopeless and despair. He rose to redeem us for an abundant life with God! (Matthew 28:1-10)

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (Lent Week 7b)

    Lent: WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?)
    (Holy Week - Good Friday)

    April 14:  Jesus Died To Bring Us Inside  
     Podcast...coming soon!

    Jesus had an all-access pass into the glorious presence of God, a place of never-ending happiness for those who are as holy as heaven requires. So, what did Jesus do? He died to bring us inside. (Matthew 26:50-60)

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