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  • Less Me (Week 5)

    Less Me (Week 5)

    March 29: Jesus' Humble Life


    Jesus could have chosen comfort. He could have pursued pleasure. Instead he chose the nails, the thorns, the cross. Why would Jesus chose such a humble life?

  • Teach Me (Lent 2020 Week 5)

    Teach Me, Lord (Lent 2020 Week 5)

    March 25: Teach Me To Keep Watch


    Life is distracting. Work, family, fitness, and hobbies keep us busier than we’d care to be. This is why Jesus repetitively taught his disciples to keep watch and fix their eyes on spiritual things.

  • Less Me (Week 4)

    Less Me (Week 4)

    March 22: Jesus' Humble Word


    Jesus didn’t promise health and wealth. He never guaranteed a good earthly life. Instead he exalted the meek, the poor, and the persecuted. Why would Jesus preach such a humbling word?

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