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  • Fight Club (Week 5)

    Fight Club (Week 5)

    November 16: The Rules of Fight Club (part 1)  Notes  /  Podcast

    Conflict provides a unique opportunity to solve common problems in an extraordinary way that honors God and is a blessing to all involved. If we believe this to be true, it will impact how we "fight" and handle conflict. God's rules and principles for conflict can and will transform the way we respond to it and be a blessing to our lives.

  • Fight Club (Week 4)

    Fight Club (Week 4)

    November 9: What's Worth Fighting For?  Notes/Podcast

    Conflicts generally involve 2 kinds of issues: material & personal. Often they feed on or aggravate each other. Only when you have first sorted out the issues can you honestly ask and answer the million dollar question, "Is this really worth fighting for?" Applying Godly principles is vital to deciding whether it is worth the fight or dropping it because it doesn't matter to eternity.

  • FUEL: "Conflict Resolution"

    FUEL - Conflict Resolution (Week 2)

    November 5: Style Matters  Notes/Survey 1/Survey 2/Podcast

    Each of the 4 weeks of FUEL - "Conflict Resolution" will take a look at how to resolve conflicts in our lives in a God pleasing manner.

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