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  • Stones (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Abraham - A Rolling Stone

    June 29: pdf / mp3

    Abraham prayed for God's guidance, but there came a time to start moving.  Abraham followed in glad obedience.

    Stones - Series Summary

    • June 29: Abraham - A Rolling Stone
    • July 6: Jacob - A Sleeping Stone
    • July 13: Moses - A Sitting Stone
    • July 20: Joshua - A Permanent Stone

    From the time of Abraham until the time of Joshua, God’s people were always on the move.  Their lives were in a constant state of flux.  But eventually they reached their new and permanent home.  Over the course of the last year, beginning with the groundbreaking ceremony on June 9, 2013, we have been in a state of flux here at St. Peter.  During June and July we also will be on the move from the 1907 church to the gym, and finally into the new worship space.  This series, "Stones", will look at 4 Old Testament stories from the lives of 4 Old Testament heroes of faith where “stones” were used at different times for different reasons.  Each week we will ask and answer the question found in Joshua 4, “What do these stones mean?” as we prepare to move into our new and permanent church home.  God has some promises he wants us to remember as we transition into our new church home, and the stones will help us remember them as we go forward!




  • Book Thief (Week 3)


    June 22: pdfmp3

    Don't let the Book Thief deprive you....

  • Book Thief (Week 2)


    June 15: pdfmp3

    The Book Thief wants to keep us from knowing our wonderful Triune God!

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