Current Series

  • FUEL: "Conflict Resolution"

    FUEL - Conflict Resolution (Week 1)

    October 29: The Inside Out  Notes/Promo Video/Podcast

    Each of the 4 weeks of FUEL - "Conflict Resolution" will take a look at how to resolve conflicts in our lives in a God pleasing manner.

  • Fight Club (Week 2)

    Fight Club (Week 2)

    October 26: The Enemy Within  Notes/Podcast

    We all have a default setting that sadly when we are cornered “in the ring” of conflict rears its ugly head. How do you fight, and what comes out when you are cornered? Does rage, anger, or bitterness seep out? Recognizing the truth that the root of conflict starts within our heart is a game changer for dealing with all conflict in our lives.

  • Fight Club (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Fight Club (Week 1)

    October 19: Ready, Set, Brawl Notes / Podcast

    Satan, which means “adversary”, likes nothing better than to see us at odds with each other. As long as we see others as our only adversary, we forget to focus on and guard against our most dangerous enemy, the devil. Recognizing this allows us to be ready to battle him with the weapons God provides for the fight. 

    922church - Series Summary

    • Oct 19: Ready, Set, Brawl
    • Oct 26: The Enemy Within
    • Nov 2: All In The Family
    • Nov 9: What's Worth Fighting For?
    • Nov 16: The Rules Of Fight Club

    Are your relationships at home or work struggling for survival? Maybe you feel like you can’t go another round? Do you struggle with handling conflict well or does every conflict you’re a part of end well (at least in your own eyes)? Often times the people in our life that we love the most, we end up hurting even more. Or worse yet, instead of love, what we feel in our every day relationships is hate. And when it comes to conflict it often times is a result of hurt that has built up along the way from anger, bitterness, or resentment. We know it’s tough. And sometimes the fight is exhausting. Maybe you want to get right back at it for another round! Perhaps you feel like you don’t want to go another round, or maybe you wonder why there seems to be so much conflict in your life. But there is hope for change! In this series and the additional Fuel sessions we will explore what the Bible says about our up close and personal relationships and dealing with conflict properly. Our hope is that as we do it will give you permission to be open and honest with your struggles and develop a Godly plan for dealing with conflict in your relationships.


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