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  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (Lent Week 7a)

    Lent: WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?)
    (Holy Week - Maundy Thursday)

    April 13:  Jesus Served The Supper  

    Jesus knew his friends would abandon and betray him before the evening was over. So, what did Jesus do? He served them the Supper, so they could taste and see the forgiveness of their most faithful Friend. (Matthew 26:17-30)

  • Lured (Week 5)

    Lured (Week 5)

    April 9:  Uncatchable  
    Notes / Podcast

    The Devil tried the same tricks on Jesus, but Jesus never took the bait. In the famous story of Jesus’ temptation, we not only find the key to resisting the allure of sin, but always find a Savior who said, “No!” for all the times we sinfully said “yes.”

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (Lent Week 6)

    Lent: WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?)
    (Week 6)

    April 5:  Jesus Hung To Give Us Heaven  

    Jesus healed the sick, walked on water, and raised the dead. So, what did Jesus do on the cross? Nothing. He hung there to give us heaven, setting aside his power so we could be powerfully forgiven. (Matthew 27:32-50)

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