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  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 6)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 6)

    April 7: Glory To God!


    Jesus’ longest recorded prayer is about the purpose of life—to glorify God and find joy in the process. In a world that is searching for joy, Jesus words are a surprising and powerful path.

  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 5)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Week 5)

    April 3: Abused


    The injustice of that Friday tightens our stomachs. The same way our Savior feels when injustice injures someone that God dearly loves.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 5)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 5)

    March 31: Haters


    Jesus never promised a warm and fuzzy Christian life. Rather, he was honest about hatred, persecution, and even death. Yet Christian persecution is proof of our connection to Christ. So, don’t go astray! Let the Holy Spirit remind you of Jesus, whose eternal blessings are worth a lifetime of suffering.

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