Current Series

  • Skeptical Faith (Week 1)

    Skeptical Faith (Week 1)

    July 7: Reliability of Scripture


    What makes the Bible believable? How do we know it is unique among all the beliefs, books, and religions of the world? Dr. Luke, a 1st century physician and author, has powerful answers. His introduction to the Gospel of Luke reminds us that Christianity is based not on blind faith but on historical facts.

  • God & Gender (Week 4)

    God & Gender (Week 4)

    June 30: God & Transgender


    If God created us male and female, why have so many of God’s sons questioned if he actually created them to be his daughters? And why have so many Christian women wondered if they were really made to be God’s sons? Paul indirectly answered these questions when he wrote about the struggles of life in this broken world. This message intends to explain the transgender temptation and offer hope and encouragement to those facing it.

  • God & Gender (Week 3)

    God & Gender (Week 3)

    June 23: Silence & Submission


    1 Timothy 2 is a chapter many Christians wish was not written. The Apostle’s Paul’s words seem patriarchal and downright impossible. No braided hair? Or expensive clothes? Or women in church who are not “silent”? Really? This message seeks to faithfully explore Paul’s provocative words in context and the issue of men and women working together in the church.

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