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  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 4)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Week 4)

    March 27: Misunderstood


    Pilate and the crowds jumped to conclusions and false assumptions about Jesus. He knows how it feels to be misunderstood and quickly labeled.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 4)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 4)

    March 24: Fruitful


    God wants us all to be “fruitful,” to do good things according to His will. How? By staying connected to Jesus, trusting in God’s “pruning” work, and remembering the love we have received from the Father & the Son.

  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 3)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Week 3)

    March 20: Abandoned


    Peter promised he would never fail Jesus, but he did. When our friends and family fail us, we know that Jesus will always be by our side.

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