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  • Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 14: Line In The Sand


    There are times when a Christian should stand up against the state. That’s what the three men in the fiery furnace did. They didn’t know if God would physically save them, but they knew there was only one God (and the king wasn’t him). In the same way, God is calling us to stand humbly yet boldly on is promises, trusting Christ can rescue us physically and will always rescue us eternally.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 7: Expectations Are Everything


    God has given the Christian church a drastically different role than the government. When these roles are confused, society falls apart…and God gets a bad name. This message seeks to restore a biblical view of the roles of church and state.

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    WDJD? (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    April 30:  Jesus Sends!  
    Notes / Podcast

    Jesus’ work was done, but the disciples work was only getting started. But before Jesus returned to heaven there was still work to be done. So as that first Easter came to an end, Jesus appeared to the disciples. He wanted to assure them of what he had done, remember what he had said, and equip them with the Holy Spirit for the work that was now theirs.

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