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  • Less Me (Week 3)

    Less Me (Week 3)

    March 15: Jesus' Humble Work


    Jesus didn’t rule from a kingly throne. Nor did he study in a scholar’s office. Instead our Savior got dirty amongst the sick, sinful, and needy. Why would Jesus choose such humble work?

  • Teach Me (Lent 2020 Week 3)

    Teach Me, Lord (Lent 2020 Week 3)

    March 11: Teach Me To Love


    Our life of faith can feel complicated, an endless list of countless do’s and don’ts from God. Jesus, however, taught his disciples a simple way of faith—Love God and love your neighbor. That’s what the entire Law is about.

  • Less Me (Week 2)

    Less Me (Week 2)

    March 8: Jesus' Humble Crew


    Jesus didn’t select scholars to be his closest friends. He didn’t seek out Israel’s smartest or most talented. Instead our Savior chose fishermen and commoners. Why would Jesus choose such humble friends?

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