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  • You Reap What You Root (Week 2)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 2)

    September 16: Gather


    You are not an accident. You are not a slave. That’s what God wanted his people to remember every single week of their lives. The Sabbath Day commandment proves that knowing God as your Creator and Savior was one of our Father’s highest priorities for our weekends. In the same way, we gather each week to celebrate those same timeless truths—God made us. God saved us. Those facts produce joy and peace deep in our hearts, “fruit” that feeds us throughout our week.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 1)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 1)

    September 9: Group


    Even pastors know sixty minutes on Sundays have their limits. Some fruit only comes through personal, vulnerable, doing-life-together community. The early church knew that, and their “group root” produced the fruit of love and generosity and kindness. When we are personally know and are personally known in a spiritual community, we find our spiritual and physical needs being met.

  • Out Of Context (Week 4)

    Out Of Context
     (Week 4)

    September 2: God (Still) Has Plans For You


    These words from Jeremiah 29 are found on coffee cups and Pinterest art. They remind us that God has plans to bless and proper his suffering people. But make sure to read the context. Jeremiah spoke these words to people who had been taken captive in war. And they were not about to go home. God had great plans for his people, but they didn’t involve a quick fix to all their earthly problems. In the same way, God’s plan to prosper your spiritual life might not be the path you prayed for.

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