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  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Good Friday)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Good Friday)

    April 3:  The Curtain  Podcast

    (Luke 23:44-49) God’s Son died?! What happened to the massive curtain?! What access do sinners have to a holy God?! I’d connect this to the whole Temple set-up, the Day of Atonement, and the idea of gospel access to the throne of grace, which is shocking and unexpected.  

  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Maundy Thursday)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Maundy Thursday)

    April 2:  The Towel 

    (John 13:1-17) Who washes whose feet?! Who serves whom?! I’d connect this to Jesus’ willingness to serve his messed up, confused disciples the Lord’s Supper on Thursday and to serve them a heaping plate of grace on Friday.  

  • Jesus Uncut (Week 5)

    Jesus Uncut (Week 5)

    March 29:  Speak Up Or The Stones Will  Notes /  Podcast

    I have never heard a stone cry out, have you? So what was Jesus thinking when he said that if the disciples had remained silent on Palm Sunday, the very stones would cry out. Was he exaggerating or trying to mock the Pharisees? Truth is neither! With his death only days away his arrival called for this kind of praise! And if the disciples had not sung it, the stones would have. There are truths which God wants believers to proclaim, because they are living stones and the ones designed to do it. There are truths which God desires to be shared and only the church has the explanation. 

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