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  • Christmas E.R. (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas E.R. (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  The Cure  Notes / Podcast

    Only Jesus can provide the cure for our sinfulness. Praise God for the birth of our Savior. Because of Jesus we now have the gift of eternal life in heaven.  

  • Christmas E.R. (Week 4)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 4)

    December 21:  The Delivery Room  Notes / Podcast

    The birth of a child is not without anticipation, excitement, and anxiety. Mary & Joseph could not have expected all that lead up to the birth of Jesus. But, this gift of a Holy Child was definitely one worth waiting for!  

  • Christmas E.R. (Week 3)

    Christmas E.R. (Week 3)

    December 14:  Scheduled Check-Ups  Notes / Podcast

    Pride can be a dangerous thing...especially when it comes to our spiritual health. Be sure to make regular visits with the Doctor from Bethlehem to get your daily dose of God's grace!  

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