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  • Jesus Uncut (Week 3)

    Jesus Uncut (Week 3)

    March 15:  Flip This House  Notes /  Podcast

    Flipping and fixing up outdated houses is all the rage - it has made HGTV one of the most popular cable channels today. When someone takes one of these projects on, they often find the unexpected - shotty pipes, cracked beams, or faulty wiring. When Jesus saw the Temple he found the unexpected and was irate. Is Jesus cracking a whip and flipping tables the way you picture him? If he came to our church today what would he find and would he do the same thing? Confrontational Jesus reminds us that we too are to have a passion for what God is passionate about - his Word and his mission. 

  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 4)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 4)

    March 11:  The Trial  Podcast

    (Luke 22:66-23:12) The laws of jurisprudence are out the window! The lies at his trial - He opposes payment of taxes! He’s like all those other riot-starting Messiah/Kings! Pilat and Herod’s own testimony of his innocence. The hypocrisy of the Sanhedrin to accuse Jesus of starting a riot and then starting one themselves! I’d connect this to the doctrine of justification and how Jesus is being treated as if he were guilty and how we are treated as if we were innocent.  

  • Jesus Uncut (Week 2)

    Jesus Uncut (Week 2)

    March 8:  The Eye Of The Needle  Notes /  Podcast

    “When I get older, I want to make a lot of money.” Who doesn’t want to be rich, right! (FYI - By world’s standards if you live in the USA and are employed you are rich.) You might want to re-think that based on Jesus’ words. He said it is hard to enter the kingdom of God, and nearly impossible if you are rich. While being rich might give you lots of earthly toys, it won’t give you lasting treasure which in the end is what Jesus doesn’t want you to miss out on.  

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