Current Series

  • The Look

    The Look

    • March 2:  The Essential Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 9:  A Life Changing Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 16:  A Judgmental Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 23:  A Determined Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • March 30:  A 'Tough Love' Look  
      pdf / mp3
    • April 6:  An Unexpected Look
    • pdf / mp3
    • April 13:  A Bittersweet Look
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    You know it when it happens to you...the look.  Husbands know the look - both good and bad.  Children know the many looks that might come from their parents.  The look at work comes in different forms depending on your relationships.  In the Bible there many examples of different people who got 'the look' from someone else for a very specific reason.  During this series we will take a look at the different looks and the significance of them.

  • Family Tree

    Family Tree

    • February 2:  Uprooted  pdf / mp3
    • February 9:  First Impressions  pdfmp3
    • February 16:  The Proposal  pdf  /  mp3
    • February 23:  Blessed  pdf / mp3


    Our February sermon series, Family Tree, focuses on how God is a force within the family. In the midst of a self-centered and loveless society (sound familiar?), the book of Ruth gives families a glimpse of godly character, unyielding loyalty and true love for their Lord.  God's guiding hand is evident at every turn of events.  This short story is practical for modern times and individuals who endure personal tragedy, are faced with life-changing decisions and desire healthy Christ-centered relationships.

  • All In!

    All In!

    • January 5:  Spiritual Resiliency  
      pdf / mp3
    • January 12:  Physical Resiliency  
      pdf / mp3
    • January 19:  Emotional Resiliency  
      pdf / mp3
    • January 26:  Mental Resiliency  
      pdf / mp3


    Spiritual Resiliency….in a new year what is life transformation all about?  What changes do I need to make to carry out God's command?  How is it possible?  What does it look like to be "All In" spiritually, emotionally, physically, and rationally (mentally)?  This series is a tone setter for more than the new year…..for my life of faith.

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