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  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 3)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 3)

    June 21:  Daily Bread Notes / Podcast

    What dominates your prayer list - needs or wants? Is it hard for you to separate those two at times? If you answered yes, you are not alone which is why we need to truly grasp the bigness of this phrase and connect it to the generous heart of God. How miserable each and every moment would be if God didn’t give this bread (a government to protect us, bodies that work, air to breathe, beauty to see, breakfast to eat, family that loves, neighbors that protect, etc.). When we see this petition for all that it is, we will learn to not only pray for all that we need for today, but also celebrate having all we want as well.  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 2)

    June 14:  Pole Position  Notes / Podcast

     A person’s prayer life is perhaps the greatest indicator of where a person is at in their relationship with their heavenly Father. Jesus himself emphasizes that praising God must be in the pole position of our prayer life. God centeredness in prayer comes first because it directs our hearts and conversations off of self and focuses instead on his greatness and love. When praising God is the focal point of our life we will seek to do his will so that his name is hallowed and his kingdom comes in what we teach and how we live our faith.  

  • Best. Prayer. Ever. (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Week 1)

    June 7:  Me & My Dad  Notes / Podcast

    Our Father in Heaven....the address says it all. God wants us to come to him as children of a loving father who don’t care about the right words and don’t care about bugging him too much. They come with confidence and expectation because they know this is the man who loves them and has proven it 1,000 times.  

    Best. Prayer. Ever. (Series Summary)

    • June 7:  Me & My Dad
    • June 14:  Pole Position
    • June 21:  Daily Bread
    • June 28:  Forgive Us As We Forgive
    • July 5:  Lead Us Not Into Temptation
    • July 12:  Deliverance

    How many times have you said or heard The Lord’s Prayer?   It is the most famous prayer ever, but do you know what it means?  Why did Jesus choose those words as a model for prayer in the lives of Christians?  If the Lord’s Prayer is the model, how does your prayer life measure up ?  In this series, Best. Prayer. Ever we will unpack the truths of the Lord’s prayer so that we will want to pray it ever day with passion and meaning.


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