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  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 3)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 3)

    March 11:  The Arrest  ( Podcast available)

    (Matthew 26:47-56) Under the cover of night?! Led by one of the 12?! A large crowd comes after Jesus?! In a private place?! Even Jesus called them out for the secrecy and the darkness of that scandalous arrest! I’d connect this to what we do as Christians when no one is looking. What thoughts go on in the privacy of our minds, what websites do we click when the door is closed, what happens at home that wouldn’t dare happen at church? Then I’d connect this to Jesus’ willingness to be arrested. Although he knocked the soldiers on their backsides with his words, he “hid” his divine power and allowed it all to happen…for the sake of grace.  

  • Jesus Uncut (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Jesus Uncut (Week 1)

    March 1:  Terms & Conditions Apply  Notes /  Podcast

    “Love your neighbor…love your enemies…love one another as I have loved you.” Time and time again Jesus said we are to love! Ask anyone to finish the sentence “God is __________”, and the word love is usually the first thing out of people’s mouths. So would it shock you that Jesus said you can’t be his disciple if you do not hate your family? Perhaps Jesus’ words were intended to do just that - to shock us and make a point - that nothing dare come before him in the life of his followers, including family!  

    Jesus Uncut (Series Summary)

    • March 1:  Terms & Conditions Apply
    • March 8:  The Eye of the Needle
    • March 15:  Flip This House
    • March 22:  Cut It Off
    • March 29:  Speak Up Or The Stones Will

    Have you ever come across a section in the Gospel’s and ask, “Jesus said THAT?” or listened to a sermon and said, “Jesus did WHAT?” Sometimes it is easier to skip over some of those tough to understand statements or moments. But what if we unpacked the controversial sayings of Jesus and examined his confrontational moments? What important lessons would we learn that we have missed or want to overlook because we don’t want to hear it? Jesus’ words and actions always had a purpose for his audience then and still do for us today which is why we need to see and listen to Jesus Uncut.

  • LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 2)

    LENT 2015: Scandal (Week 2)

    February 25:  The Betrayal  Podcast

    (Matthew 26:14-16) One of the hand-picked “friends” sells him out for a pocketful of cash?! Jesus’ church treasurer?! Judas started the conversation himself?! Our life isn’t any better. How scandalous are our sins where we betray Jesus; from selling him out for the sake of more hours at work, to more popularity at school, or the momentary pleasure found in a click of the mouse. The only difference between us and Judas is the we know the hope that is ours through Jesus who didn’t sell out on his mission, but instead overwhelms us with grace and love.  

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