Sunday Worship: Más Christ

Sunday Worship: Más Christ

Sun, November 29, 2015

5:30pm at The CORE

Series: Many well-meaning Christians desperately want to “Keep Christ in Christmas!” But we disagree. We do not want to simply keep Christ in Christmas. No, we want más!

Más is Spanish for “more”, and that is what we want this Christmas. We want more Christ along with more of all the spiritual blessings that Christ came to bring. We want a Christmas that overwhelms us with gratitude (instead of grumbling about our seasonal busyness). We want a Christmas that lights up a clear direction for our lives (instead of stumbling around in the darkness of personal feelings and cultural trends). We want a Christmas that connects us to God (instead of the unsatisfying infatuation with self). And much, much más!

Más Christ is a 5-week journey through the opening verses of the Gospel John, a chapter dedicated to giving us more joy, more light, more grace, more truth, more peace, more Christ.