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  • Tears (Week 6)

    Tears (Week 6)

    March 27:  No More Tears  Notes / Podcast

    Why are you weeping? That simple question changed everything for Mary Magdalene that first Easter morning. From eyes filled with tears, to a heart filled with joy. No more sorrow, Jesus was who he said he is! It’s what makes Easter so great, and what will make eternity even greater - because there will be no more tears.

  • Tears (Week 5)

    Tears (Week 5)

    March 20:  What Makes God Weep  Notes / Podcast

    Jesus’ face was flushed with anger.  “You hypocrites!” he screamed until his throat was raw.  But then he wept.  He wept over “religious” Jerusalem, wept over the facade, the veneer, the coming destruction.  Would he weep over our church?  Amidst all the programs, all the desire to reach the lost, would Jesus find true repentance in our hearts?  Or are some of us playing church?  This text shows us the hypocrisy Jesus hates and the tender warning he gives to church hypocrites.

  • Tears (Week 4)

    Tears (Week 3)

    March 6:  The Day A Disciple Cried  Notes / Podcast

    Peter broke down like a baby and wept.  Why?  Because he denied Jesus.  Why?  Because he was scared of what would happen if he didn’t.  Ever been there?  When standing up for Jesus would cost you at work, at school, in the social circle, did you ever keep quiet or outright deny your faith?  Peter’s story reminds us of the heart-breaking consequences of cowardice, and the post-Easter story tells us Jesus has compassion on cowards…and a place for them in his church.