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  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 7b)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Good Friday)

    April 19: Broken


    Thirsty, pierced, dead. Jesus walked straight into death so that we would not have to face death alone.

  • LENT 2019: Broken (Week 7a)

    LENT 2019: Broken (Maundy Thursday)

    April 18: Grieved


    Broken to Bind Believers in Blessed Communion (John 19:25-27)… If you have ever felt alone in this world, ever been surrounded by adversaries, ever abandoned by friends, or ever faced the loss of your dearest loved one, then, know that in Christ on this night, you are never truly alone. Jesus was broken for us as is evidenced for us in his gift to us of Holy Communion - all so that we might be bound to the family of God, to Christ Himself, and enjoy blessed communion with God and all His children in every hour and forever.

  • The Night Before He Bled (Week 7)

    The Night Before He Bled (Week 7)

    April 14: Sent


    Why doesn’t God just take his kids out of this broken world? Answer: Because God wants more people to believe and be saved. This is how Jesus closed his epic prayer, a fact that reminds every Christian of the incredible calling we have to share our Savior with the world.