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  • The One (Week 3)

    The One (Week 3)

    December 11:  God Is With Us!  
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    The names of Jesus are essential to worshiping the One. He is Immanuel, God with us. He is Jesus, the Savior from sin. The more names of Jesus you truly know and understand, the more you will love Jesus.

  • The One (Week 2)

    The One (Week 2)

    December 4:  Repent & Believe In "The One"  
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    Christmas season starts sooner every year…from the music to the deals, there’s more time than every to be prepared. But are you ready for The One’s arrival? John the baptist had a message we still need to hear so that we don’t miss that Christmas is about more than trees and gifts, it’s about the arrival of The One.

  • The One (Week 1)

    The One (Week 1)

    November 27:  "The One" Is Not Ashamed Of Us  
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    You might think a list of dozens of Jewish names is worth skimming or skipping. But don’t! Jesus’ family tree reminds us that the One came from a long line of sinners, and he came for a long line of sinners. So, if you stand in that line, look to the One!