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  • Christmas Hype (Week 5)

    Christmas Hype Encore

    December 29: What the End of the Hype Man Means


    Sometimes the holidays don't turn out as we hope. Sometimes, Christmas can even be haunted by tragedy. If that remotely describes your experience this year, then, listen in for one more visit with John the Baptist, the hype man of Christmas, and his untimely end, a tragedy by all human standards. Yet, it was hardly a tragedy at all because of what Christ did through his coming at Christmas. Join us for our message on Matthew 14, the account of the beheading of John, to find how Christmas haunts all our tragedies in Christ and never the other way around.

  • Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas Hype (Christmas Eve)

    December 24: From Hype To Hope


    Is Christmas worth the hype? After all the shopping, cooking, planning, and partying, is the holiday season worth it? The Apostle Paul thinks so. 2,000 years ago, Paul described the meaning of Christmas in one simple sentence, a sentence that reminds us all what this season is truly about and why Jesus is worth all the hype in the world.

  • Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    Christmas Hype (Week 4)

    December 22: The Greatest


    How can you be blessed in the midst of an imperfect Christmas? If God hasn’t covered your life in blessings and you are struggling to trust him, what do you do? Jesus’ best friend, sitting behind bars, asked that same question. And this was Jesus’ answer.