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  • The One (Christmas Eve)

    The One (Christmas Eve)

    December 24:  The Gift We Need  
    Notes / Podcast

    “What do you want for Christmas?” We’ve all asked and answered that question in our lives. Wedo it because we want to get the people we love a gift that they will treasure. Now if we are honest when weanswer, our lists most often times won’t include things we need - because there’s nothing exciting about newsocks, right? And how do we feel when we don’t get what we want for Christmas? Now what if God asked youwhat you wanted for would you respond? Thankfully for us, instead of asking, God gave usthe perfect gift, the one we needed.

  • The One (Week 4)

    The One (Week 4)

    December 18:  The Way Of Worship  
    Notes / Podcast

    Many things will get in the way of your worship. For the Magi, it was an insecure and murderous king. For us, it might be ignorance, busyness, or empty religion. But follow the light of God’s Word and you will get to Jesus. In the face of the One you will see all that you need to give the best treasures that you have to offer.

  • The One (Week 3)

    The One (Week 3)

    December 11:  God Is With Us!  
    Notes / Podcast

    The names of Jesus are essential to worshiping the One. He is Immanuel, God with us. He is Jesus, the Savior from sin. The more names of Jesus you truly know and understand, the more you will love Jesus.