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  • Tug Of War (Week 5)

    Tug Of War (Week 5)

    October 11:  Sunday vs. Monday  Notes / Podcast

    All too often we feel the tug to just “act like a Christian” by punching the church clock.  We do the church thing but leave Jesus behind at the door.   We take our Christian hat off at work only to put it back on when needed.   Church, however, isn’t something that we do.  Instead it is who we are.  In order for us to overcome this tug we need to be "Beyond Sunday Christians" by being in the Word every day so that we can maximize the other 167 hours/week to be salt and light in our homes and community.

  • Tug Of War (Week 4)

    Tug Of War (Week 4)

    October 4:  Us vs. Them  Notes / Podcast

    We tend to focus on our church, our ministry, our budget, and sadly ignore the greater body of Christ.  But “Truth In Love Ministry” isn’t doing that and, in supporting "Truth in Love Ministry", we are trying to avoid that selfish tug, too.  We need to remember that God longs for us to be a blessing beyond our church walls both in our community and beyond Appleton with our time, prayers, and offerings.

  • Tug Of War (Week 3)

    Tug Of War (Week 3)

    September 27:  Messenger vs. Message  Notes / Podcast

    One of Satan’s sneakiest tricks is to make us think we love the message when we really just love the messenger.  One pastor called this “American Christianity’s dirty little secret.”  While a man might keep us connected to the message for a while, what happens when he (or we) leaves, dies or disqualifies himself?  Paul strives to put our faith in the message about Christ, not the messenger.  Hopefully, this message does the same, strengthening your commitment to God and His Word, no matter who preaches it.