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  • Tug Of War (Week 4)

    Tug Of War (Week 4)

    October 4:  Us vs. Them  Notes / Podcast

    We tend to focus on our church, our ministry, our budget, and sadly ignore the greater body of Christ.  But “Truth In Love Ministry” isn’t doing that and, in supporting "Truth in Love Ministry", we are trying to avoid that selfish tug, too.  We need to remember that God longs for us to be a blessing beyond our church walls both in our community and beyond Appleton with our time, prayers, and offerings.

  • Tug Of War (Week 3)

    Tug Of War (Week 3)

    September 27:  Messenger vs. Message  Notes / Podcast

    One of Satan’s sneakiest tricks is to make us think we love the message when we really just love the messenger.  One pastor called this “American Christianity’s dirty little secret.”  While a man might keep us connected to the message for a while, what happens when he (or we) leaves, dies or disqualifies himself?  Paul strives to put our faith in the message about Christ, not the messenger.  Hopefully, this message does the same, strengthening your commitment to God and His Word, no matter who preaches it.

  • Tug Of War (Week 2)

    Tug Of War (Week 2)

    September 20:  Me vs. Jesus  Notes / Podcast

    "What’s in it for me?"  It is one of those mottos that drives people today, and it’s impact on our church is real.  What we are after is often more programs or at least the right ones for me and my family.  So, what is it that drives you in your choice of this church (or any church)?  While what our church does and offers can be a blessing, why we do it is what truly matters.  As a church we need to remember that church is not about me but about Jesus and doing everything to and for His glory.

  • Tug Of War (Week 1)

    Tug Of War (Week 1)

    September 13:  Style vs. Substance  Notes / Podcast

    Nowhere in the New Testament does God speak on worship style; so as a church we offer a variety of styles.  While God did not speak to worship style, for many years now churches have had a “tug of war” going on over style.    Sadly when we get caught up in worship style and make it our mission, we have forgotten the real mission of the church.  The Church’s mission has nothing to do with what kind of music you sing or the instruments you play.  Instead, we must go back to Jesus’ mission for His Church - namely to make disciples of all nations and see that substance trumps matters.