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  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    WDJD? (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    April 30:  Jesus Deals With Doubt  
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    Do you have doubts about God? Does he really exist? Did Jesus really do all the stuff that churches claimed he did? Could God actually forgive me after messing up so much of my life?
    We are not the first people to wrestle with doubts. Jesus’ original followers, the apostles, did too. In this message, we will journey back to the first Easter and see how Jesus deals with doubters.

  • I Doubt It

    I Doubt It

    • April 27:  Irreligious  
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    Religion doesn't bring much certainty because religion asks the wrong questions. Religion asks, "What do you believe?" and "What have you sacrificed?" This Sunday we will discover that religious behavior does not lead us to the truth about God. Instead it is God’s grace that leads us to the truth. In order to find God, you have to let go of your religion and simply trust in Christ.  Let go of religious thinking (works based righteousness) and embrace the gospel (Christ based righteousness).