Depression / Anxiety Support Group

Where? Meeting at St. Peter (Ministry Center)
When? Saturdays, 10am - 12pm (starting Sept. 28,2019)

What is depression really? How can it be successfully treated? What does God say about depression and anxiety? 

This support group will study the book "A New Light on Depression" for answers to these questions and many more. Early sign up required. 

A New Light on Depression offers hope and healing. Written by a psychologist and a minister, this book untangles the web of depression, addressing topics such as

  • An understanding of depression
  • Myths and misunderstandings
  • Symptoms and diagnoses
  • Causes and treatments
  • Spiritual struggles and gifts of grace

Written for those who live with depression and those who want to help -family members, pastors, friends- this study aims to equip us with knowledge and tools to move toward a life of joy. A New Light on Depression is a medically reliable and biblically sound resource for finding faith and strength in the midst of depression with the goal of emerging whole and healthy.

Please order the book and bring it with you to group. Also bring a journal / notebook.
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For more information contact Andi Paap.