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  • Wrestling With God (Week 8)

    Wrestling With God (Week 8)

    September 6:  Don't Let Go! Notes / Podcast

    Growth always means struggle in one form or another. Even though we accept struggle as a part of life, we still question its value, its purpose. But what about when you’re no longer struggling against the things of this world, but with God himself. There is one fact that will give your suffering -- your struggling some meaning…that in life’s crucible, God is there! And God will not only help you through it, but he will bless you in the struggle!  Wrestling with God for his grace is good!  And we win every time, thanks to Jesus.  

  • Wrestling With God (Week 7)

    Wrestling With God (Week 7)

    August 30:  Let's Make A Deal  Notes / Podcast

    God has plans for each and ever one of us yet all too often we struggle with letting God being God. We believe “the end justifies the means” or “I had the best of intentions”. Can you think of a time you have tried to "help God out?" Sadly when we do this we usually make a big mess of things. The feud between Jacob and Esau reminds us of how much we want to control our own futures. Esau despised his birthright, Jacob tried to take what God promised by force, Isaac refused to listen to God, and Rebekah schemed to bring about God’s promises. Clearly no one deserves God’s blessings, yet God rejects Esau on account of his unbelief and blesses Jacob on account of his faith. That’s grace. God works through the sinfulness and continues to carry out his plans for his children.  

  • wrestling With God (Week 6)

    Wrestling With God (Week 6)

    August 23:  A New Place  Notes / Podcast

    Ever had your life turned upside down? Do you struggle with change? As much as we struggle with it, the devil thrives on it. He sees open doors to drive us to despair. He tries to convince us that we are alone and there is no where to turn. When we wrestle with change - whether of our own doing like Jacob or because life happens, we need to remember that in the middle of the struggle one thing doesn’t change - God’s presence and God’s promises.