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  • wrestling With God (Week 5)

    Wrestling With God (Week 5)

    August 16:  Principles of the Matter Notes / Podcast

    How do you know what God’s plans are for you? Do the decisions I make even matter? What if I make the wrong choice and mess up God’s plan? Is every choice right Making decisions is often paralyzing because we don’t want to mess things up. All too often however we forget that making a God decision begins with listing to God’s Word and it’s principles that guide our decisions. God gives us very real choices and he promises to bless his believing children regardless of the choices we make when we entrust them to his guidance and direction. That’s grace.  

  • Wrestling With God (Week 4)

    Wrestling With God (Week 4)

    August 9:  The Ultimate Test  Notes / Podcast

    What tests has God given you? Does it ever seem as if God is demanding something irrational, or even something impossible from you? How do you answer when you wrestle with the “tests” that come your way? What do your answers tell you about your faith? If we are honest, most of us fail the spiritual tests and it is only after the fact that we understand and get it. That’s why God’s test of Abraham and his response is amazing and comforting. What would I do if I was in Abraham’s shoes? Thankfully, he will never need to ask you to do the same because he he sent his Son.  

  • Wrestling With God (Week 3)

    Wrestling With God (Week 3)

    August 2:  Choose Wisely  Notes / Podcast

    “Think before you act.” It’s probably some of the wisest advice parents can give their children. Living in a sinful world is not only difficult but it’s influences abound. From the colleges we choose to the job offer we weigh, what factors do I need to consider in the decision making process? How do I make sure that I am not swallowed up by a sinful world? Although we can’t read Lot’s heart, his story reminds us to slow down and wrestle with how we can both live in a sinful world and still feed our faith.