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  • Wrestling With God (Week 2)

    Wrestling With God (Week 2)

    July 26:  Character Flaws  Notes / Podcast

    We tend to joke about our mistakes because we all make them! Mistakes aren’t necessarily sin, but they can become sin, and because we are weak, sinful human beings they often do. We are spiritual flawed! And one of our biggest mistakes is to often to take things into our own hands when we are paralyzed by fear and spiritual strong and courageous. While Abram is often called the Father of Faith, he was a weak, sinful human just like you and me with courage that often failed. Thankfully God’s grace is independent of our behavior and despite our sins he spares and continues to bless us.  

  • Wrestling With God (Series Summary & Week 1)

    Wrestling With God (Week 1)

    July 19:  When God Says, "Go!"  Notes / Podcast

    Most Christians clearly understand what God asks of them, but when faced with a life-altering decision we can easily be paralyzed. It is often easier to play it safe with the familiar instead of stepping out and going forward in faith. Who at times doesn’t wrestle with where God has called you to go or what he has called you to do? That is why faith in God is so essential when we struggle with God’s call to action, because faith trusts God and takes him at his Word and his promises to heart, and responds by opening and worshipping.  

    Wrestling With God (Series Summary)

    • July 19:  When God Says, "Go!"
    • July 26:  Character Flaws
    • August 2:  Choose Wisely
    • August 9:  The Ultimate Test
    • August 16:  Principles of the Matter
    • August 23:  A New Place
    • August 30:  Let's Make A Deal
    • September 6:  Don't Let Go!

    What are the times you have “wrestled” with God?  Have you ever wrestled with living in a sinful world without getting swallowed up by it? Have you ever wrestled with God’s promises and whether or not he will keep them or with God’s plans for your life?  And who of us doesn’t wrestle with wanting to make the “right/Godly” decision.  If you have struggled with making good choices, you are not alone.  From what principles to apply in our decisions to wrestling with life’s unknowns and God’s promises, we have all wrestled with God.  If so, you won’t want to miss our next series Wrestling With God, as we find out how Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s struggles with God are just like ours.