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  • You Reap What You Root (Week 5)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 5)

    October 7: Want Fruit? Get A Go Root!


    Sharing the good news about Jesus is an obvious way to produce joy in other people’s hearts. But Paul was convinced that it was a key to producing joy in our own hearts as well. He prayed for his friend Philemon to be active in sharing his faith in order to grasp all the good things we have through Jesus. The same is true today. A “go root” produces incredible fruit!

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 4)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 4)

    September 30: Want Fruit? Plant A Give Root!


    Everyone wants to “reap generously” and enjoy the blessings of God. But we often forget Paul’s classic line that only those who sow generously will reap a generous harvest. Paul was unashamed to say that being financially generous was a key to joy, blessing, and so much more. In the same way, many Christians have learned that it is more blessed to give than to receive, that having a “give root” actually produces incredible fruit!

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 3)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 3)

    September 23: Want Fruit? Get a Grow Root!


    Fake news. Feuding religions. Personal interpretations. How does a person have any peace in a world where everything seems so uncertain? Peter’s answer was—Grow. Although he admitted the Bible was a hard book to read, he knew that it produced knowledge and grace to keep us secure in our faith until Jesus returns.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 2)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 2)

    September 16: Want Fruit? Get A Gather Root!


    You are not an accident. You are not a slave. That’s what God wanted his people to remember every single week of their lives. The Sabbath Day commandment proves that knowing God as your Creator and Savior was one of our Father’s highest priorities for our weekends. In the same way, we gather each week to celebrate those same timeless truths—God made us. God saved us. Those facts produce joy and peace deep in our hearts, “fruit” that feeds us throughout our week.

  • You Reap What You Root (Week 1)

    You Reap What You Root
     (Week 1)

    September 9: Jesus Roots Produce The Spirit's Fruits


    Even pastors know sixty minutes on Sundays have their limits. Some fruit only comes through personal, vulnerable, doing-life-together community. The early church knew that, and their “group root” produced the fruit of love and generosity and kindness. When we are personally know and are personally known in a spiritual community, we find our spiritual and physical needs being met.